60 seconds with our Ward Councillor Eveleigh Moore-Dutton

Eveleigh Moore-Dutton, Tarporley Ward Councillor, advocate of local causes and mother, talks about why she became a Councillor, some of her greatest achievements and a few challenges since being elected.


How long have you been the Tarporley Ward Councillor?

I was elected in 2011 so I’ve been in post over seven years


What made you decide to stand and have the opportunity to become a Ward Councillor?

I heard myself say, “Somebody ought to do something about…” once too often and I wondered how I could use my time and experience to be the person who tackled the issues and got the jobs done.


What does a week in your shoes as Ward Councillor look like?

Every week is different. Last week I used a day to help a family with a school transport appeal, this week I have two parish council meetings to attend, a meeting with Council officers about affordable housing in the ward and how to help a resident who can’t afford to make her house safe and warm.

Every day there are dozens of emails to read and react to. I also like to take some time to walk or drive around the ward looking for issues such as highways problems or fly tipping. In addition to these I fit in planning meetings and being a school governor.

Local residents regularly contact me with their concerns by phone, email and even through my Facebook page ‘Tarporley Ward Matters’. I will also visit them for face to face meetings when this is preferable.


What have been your greatest achievements to date while being Tarporley Ward councillor?

I am very happy to have played a part in getting more affordable housing in the ward. In Tarporley itself I have helped negotiate the bowling green, the former Royal British Legion car park and the allotments into the Parish Council’s ownership, securing them for the future.

I believe my experience, from holding several roles within Cheshire West and Chester/Cheshire County Council has helped with these ‘wins’. These roles have included being a member of the Planning Committee, the Licensing Board, School Transport Appeals Committee and for a time being Deputy Leader of the Council.

I am currently working on some more projects but I can’t go public with these at present. However, watch this space!


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement for the parish of Little Budworth?

This is a hard question because a lot gets done over seven years! I suppose I could say that working closely with the Parish Council and local residents to campaign for (and successfully help implement!) safer speed limits on the A49 and the A54.


Please describe your most challenging experiences while being in the role?

The most challenging things are probably the help I provide in private, supporting the families facing homelessness or in personal difficulties. These situations will remain confidential forever!

Many residents will be aware that I have helped local families with school transport problems and that the end is now in sight for the harsh rules that have disadvantaged families in Little Budworth. This has been hard work but very rewarding.


What do you do in your spare time, if indeed you have any?

I do have spare time and I spend it, in no particular order, on my family, my dogs, my garden and three hives of bees.