Caring for Your Street Planting – a message from your Planting Team

The Little Budworth Spring Flowers have been looking lovely for several weeks now and seem to be much appreciated by residents and visitors. Anyone who has seen The Garden Group in action will appreciate that the ever improving display around the village is the result of much hard work. There is more in the pipeline, with plans for extending the bulb planting and also introduce more blossoming trees.

It is therefore disappointing to report that these efforts are being undermined my malicious or simply inconsiderate behavior.

The wild primroses in the rockeries beside the bus shelter were damaged a few weeks ago. Many flower heads had been picked off the newly emerging flowers and simply discarded.

New daffodils planted between the new trees on Vicarage Lane are being damaged by people and or dogs walking through them. A path has been worn through the grass and bulbs due to people taking a shortcut when they cross over Park Road. A number of daffodils have been damaged.

A lady with a small child has been seen walking amongst the daffodils around the war Memorial and more damage has been done.

Bulbs will only regrow and multiply if the nutrition from the flowers and stems is allowed to pass back into the bulbs as they die back. Every damaged flower therefore is one less next year.

  • Do use the pavements and keep dogs under control when the bulbs are growing
  • Please do not walk amongst the flowers.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Little Budworth Planting Team