Little Budworth Parish Plan – August 2014

Welcome to Your Parish Plan

Parish Plan Cover

The organisation and creation of this Parish Plan has been an interesting journey that began in 2012. The Parish of Little Budworth, despite only having 500 people on the electoral register, is an active and busy parish with a wide variety of activities and interests.

In this report, you, the residents of this parish, have voiced your opinions on many aspects of Parish life. In the year 2000 the Government set out its agenda for the countryside in the context of the changes that are affecting rural communities in the Rural White Paper1. This published plan represents the views of the Parish of Little Budworth recorded in our survey. This plan gives our rural community say in the changes that affect us. It can also be used as the incentive for the Parish take more control of its destiny.

This Parish Plan is a statement of how our community sees itself developing over the next few years. It reflects the views of the local community and identifies which features and local characteristics people value. Over 70% of households responded and provided their views and their proposals for the actions that can improve life for those of us living in the Parish.  The Plan identifies local problems and issues  and will consider strategies for their resolution through a series of working parties that  will establish principles and action points for the future.

A full copy of the Plan can be found here – Parish Plan Draft v1.0 FINAL (small)