CWaC’s current highways contract is coming to an end – have a say on its future

Delivering our highways

Help shape the way highways services are delivered

The Highways Service keeps the borough’s road network moving and is important to everyone, from residents and visitors to the emergency services and travel companies.

As the Council’s current highways contract is coming to an end, we want your views to help us decide how we deliver our Highways Service in the future.

Financial pressures are increasing due to reduced Government funding, combined with competing demands for general road maintenance and new capital projects. This means we will need to be both prudent and innovative in our future approach.

With this in mind, we want to hear your views on:

  • Your experience of the current service
  • The areas you think should be prioritised in the future
  • Our vision for the Highways Service
  • Key criteria for the new service.

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This consultation will be open from 6th July to 30th August 2020.

Please note that the National Highways Transport (NHT) Network is also carrying out a survey at the moment and will be contacting a random sample of respondents to take part. While that national benchmarking project is separate to the Council’s consultation, its results will also be used to inform future decisions on the Highways Service

Please share your thoughts with us by taking part in our survey.

Before completing it, please read the background information here.

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