Go out and vote – YOUR vote really matters! Polls are open until 10pm tonight

TODAY is the day you can vote in your local elections.

The Jubilee Hall in Little Budworth is the local polling station for Little Budworth residents and is open 7am until 10pm.

If you are registered to vote, you will be able to take part in these elections.

If you have your polling card take it with you but if you can’t find it don’t worry you can vote without it!

If you’ve not managed to post your postal vote in time then take it to the village hall and hand it in.

The official list of candidates in the Tarporley ward election are:

  • BLYTHING Nicholas Paul – Conservative Party
  • COPEMAN Christopher George Theodore – Green Party
  • MOORE DUTTON Eveleigh Hilda – Independent
  • PRIESTNER Ian Douglas – Liberal Democrats
  • SOUTHALL David Raymond – Labour Party