Little Budworth Jubilee Hall Fund – The Village Hall

Quite a lot has happened in the last 12 months regarding our Jubilee Hall.  Last autumn we realized that the Hall flat roofs needed serious attention.  We were also made aware that before too long the central heating boiler would need replacing.

Quotes were obtained, and we looked around for funding.  WREN FCC Environment Landfill Communities Fund seemed the most likely organization to approach.  When we started the application: it was discovered that our Lease with St Peter’s Church had expired, so we had to set about renewing it.  This was a slow process.

WREN advised that they could not consider our application without at least a 25 year lease, we elected for 35 years. The cut-off date for our application with WREN, approached, no signed lease.  The grant was slipping away.  So everyone pulled together; St Peters Church, Chester Diocesan, Solicitors and our Committee, it was signed just a couple of days before the first Wren Panel met!  Thanks to all involved especially Pam Jones.

To meet WREN’s criteria we also needed a ‘Third Party Funder’, The Little Budworth Charity agreed to support our application, for which we were very grateful.
Then the long wait until early in August when WREN advised that our application had been successful.  We were offered and accepted £13,000, not quite the full amount, the Little Budworth Jubilee Hall Fund would have to fund the balance.

The roofing contractor ARRC Ltd started late August.  On removing the old flat roofs he discovered that 14 joists were rotten.  Building Control came and agreed to their replacement: this was a cost we had not anticipated.  That work took the Contractor an extra couple of days, but we now have a sound ‘WARM’ roof.  As a result of the joist and roof replacement some of the ceilings and interior walls needed attention; Tony Hall supported by Geoff Johnson did a lot of making good.  A plasterer skimmed some areas.


Village Hall - New Roof (Before)


Village Hall - New Roof

In October a new combi-boiler was installed by Aardvark Heat & Water Ltd.  A bit more bad news; legislation had changed since we started planning this project, all new boilers needed to have an additional energy saving device fitted, of course this increased the price!

Village Hall - New Boiler
Both the new roofs and central heating boiler are rated as more fuel efficient, so the Hall should be much warmer and consume less fuel.  In the long term we anticipate savings.
Project completed!  We thank WREN FCC Environment Landfill Community Fund, for their funding and support, also everyone who helped make this community project come to fruition.

Official Press Release – Village Hall – November 2015 Press release

The Committee must now replenish our depleted funds!

We need more bookings for the Jubilee Hall.  It is available for the use of villagers and the local community.  The Hall provides an ideal venue for social events, meetings by groups or organisations, parties, education and exercise classes on a one off or on-going basis.

Bookings can be made by contacting Dianne Hall on 01829 760348