Photos from the WI 100th Anniversary Craft Fair

On Saturday 5th September Little Budworth WI held a very successful craft fair in the Jubilee Hall. Between 40 and 50 local people came along to help us celebrate 100 years of the WI.  The Little Budworth Parish Council made a donation towards this community event and the WI are most grateful to Peter Robinson and his fellow Councillors for their generosity.

The Jubilee Hall buzzed with activity.  There was a special 100 year birthday cake decorated with a candle and honey bees baked by Anne Hall from a recipe in the WI Life magazine. Visitors were treated to tea and delicious homemade cakes served by Christine McKenzie and Beryl Worrall. There were many craft activities demonstrated with taster sessions and villagers proved themselves to be very creative. Katie and Gina Pearce, Faye Aspinall, Val Tough, Jen Hall, Sandra Farr and Anne Andrews helped local children of all ages make puppets out of papier-mâché covered plastic bottles; there were animals, characters, space rockets, robots and lots more. Carol Smith, Ruby Speed and Mary Curzon demonstrated their skills in knitting and crochet and taught visitors how to get going with wool and needles. The wine tasting table was always busy; Anne and Caroline Hall, Sandy McKnight and  Barbara Icely tested villagers’ knowledge about the grape. Queues formed around the flower arranging table as Di Robinson and Barbara Read showed people how to make stunning floral displays. We are grateful to Rachael Gilbert for demonstrating the art of jewellery making and quite a few villagers will be seen out and about wearing their new creations. Rosemary Gilbert is also thanked for showing people how to make beautiful, intricate sugar flowers to decorate cakes.

It was a fun afternoon out for the village and a lovely occasion for the community to get together.

Photos from the event can be found in a new Gallery on the website –