Superfast Broadband Update


We now have Superfast Broadband in the Village BUT it’s not available to everybody in the 760XXX range!

The village phone service is distributed via four Green Street cabinets.

 Cabinet 1         on Park Road opposite Rushton Lane

Cabinet 2         on the A 49 by the Cotebrook pillar box

Cabinet 3         at the junction of Mill Lane and Park Road

Cabinet 4         immediately outside the telephone exchange on Vicarage Lane (Recently installed)

 It is only this `Cabinet 4’ that has the Superfast service!

If your service is via Cabinet 4 you can, right now, contact your ISP and discuss changeover dates and costs.  If you’re happy you can order.

I know of at least 3 subscribers who have done so, and are now live; achieving broadband speeds of 20-40 MB.

I’ve come up with a few pleasant surprises by using the Availability Checker across telephone numbers that I know.

Cabinet 4 connections:

  • run ALL the way up Mill Lane as far as Coneygreaves, Arthur Robinsons and Alan Platts.  It does not reach Grange Farm though!
  • also extend down the Private Drive is far as Darley Hall.
  • and seem to run also down to Whitehall including Helensmere, but maybe not all the phones in Whitehall?

For full details on how you can check whether you can receive the new Superfast Broadband, please click the link below.

Superfast Broadband Live