Tarporley Hospital Fundraiser

Virtual Ballon Race

Take part in the 100% environmentally friendly virtual balloon race and raise money having fun with family, friends and colleagues. Each balloon costs £3 and you can personalise your balloon – what shape it will be and what colour. You can even decide what thickness of rubber to use and how much helium to fill it with.

Your balloon will then be launched along with hundreds of others, from Westminster on Tuesday 2 June. The balloon that has reached the furthest when the race finishes 7 days later, will win a prize:

1st Prize: £500
2nd Prize: Apple iPad
3rd Prize: 10 x lucky winner £10 book vouchers

All this fun without any harm to wildlife and from the comfort of your own home. Who could ask for more!

Once your virtual balloon has been ‘released’ from Westminster, you can follow its progress on Google Maps and see how it fairs against the elements. You can watch your balloon sail through the skies with friends, family and colleagues tracking its progress along the way.

And the best thing? Throughout the race, you’ll actually be able to see what happens to your balloon and you’ll find out what position you finished in, which really stirs up that competitive spirit.

It is super easy and fun to take part in the virtual balloon race. It only takes a few steps, but it’s an opportunity to learn and teach geography and aerodynamics as well as put your design skills to the test.

To buy your balloon, follow these simple steps:

Follow this link https://ecoracing.co/user/page/196
to the Tarporley War Memorial Hospital page on the EcoRacing website

Click ‘Buy Balloons’.

Sign in or create an account.

Pick how many balloons you want to enter or give as a gift.

You design your balloon’s colour, pattern, helium contents and rubber thickness – make sure you label it too.

Congratulations you have now entered and you can wait for the big race and track its progress during the 7 days following their launch.