Thank you to the ‘Helping Hands’ of Little Budworth

The Little Budworth Parish Council would like to extend a very BIG thank you to all the residents who have been, and continue to, tirelessly tidy and improve our village and parish.

First an enormous thank you to John Parker who spent many days clearing the footpath opposite his house down to the Mill Pool and removing the ivy from the wall. This work is at least 2 years overdue and although the Parish Council has pestered CWaC to carry out the work the response is always ‘there are no resources’. Well, now it looks fantastic so thank you John.

The next thank you goes to Helene Kerr, a relatively new resident to our village, who has worked so hard collecting signatures petitioning against the proposed changes in the Boundary Commission review. CWaC suddenly announce details of this review to the Parish Council with little warning and a tight deadline. Helene organised the petition and liaised with parish council members throughout the work. She has also been out with a bucket of water etc. and cleaned some of the road signs so a huge thank you Helene.

There have also been several people litter picking in their own time, outside the organised groups, to improve the appearance of the parish. Diane Robinson, Peter Bradley and Anne Hall are some that we know of but there could be more so please let us know if that is the case. Thank you all for your greatly appreciated work keeping our parish tidy.

And finally look out for all the flowers that will be appearing around the village thanks to our new councillor Neville Lang. He has taken on the job of brightening our village with the help of some other residents. Please remember to contact Neville if you would like to be involved.


If you know of other ‘helping hands’ in the parish please let the parish council know who they are!