‘Transport for all the community’ presentation given at the parish council meeting on 7th May

Frank Tunney, Chair of Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council, gave a presentation at the Little Budworth Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 7th May. This presentation highlighted the possibility of developing a bus service connecting all 4 parishes, in the ward, to one another and to other public transport services outside the ward. Frank gave an overview on why this bus service is needed , what the service might look like and next steps in the development. Points covered included:

• The feasibility and need for such a service (particularly for younger and older residents)

• How residents might want the service to function and areas covered: 3 possible routes were discussed covering all the parishes in the ward and linking up with local current bus services (Arriva 84 and D&G 82) and Delamere train station.

• Next steps involve talking with: CWaC, local councillor (Eveleigh has been very supportive of the idea), local MP & Department of Transport (Antoinette Sandbach, our MP, is in support of the idea), any funders.

Frank will be looking for volunteers from each parish to help develop the service. Please contact him if you’d like to be involved.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Frank Tunney on 07860 917446 or utkintonpc@gmail.com.

Please note the full presentation from the meeting will be available on the Little Budworth website once Frank has spoken to all parish councils in the ward.