Update from the co-ordinator of the Little Budworth Support Group

Dear Residents of Little Budworth,

I’ve finally got around to writing to you after a busy Summer.

First of all I’d like to thank all the volunteers who helped are community through the lockdown and also pass on the multitude of thanks I’ve received via calls, e-mails and cards from our grateful community for the help given during what was a frightening and uncertain time.

Through the group and it’s efforts it’s become apparent that new friends have been made and neighbours who previously were unknown to each other have become firm friends which for me has been the most satisfying part of the project. Also what has become obvious to me is what a lovely village we live in and the residents make it so.

I have been in contact with our lovely volunteers and there is a commitment from them that should a second wave ensue they will be available to again help our vulnerable neighbours which is a glowing testament to them and their generosity.

In the interim I’d like to assure everyone that should they need help I am certainly available to give any assistance I can and I’m sure if I can’t help then one of our volunteers might be able to help.

Stay safe and don’t hesitate to contact me should you need help and assistance.

Kind regards,

Mark Olsen

mobile number is 07726 816111

Email: olsens1@sky.com.